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VEDAL ENERGY SYSTEMS pioneers in “Air Source Heat Pump Water Heating System” (ASHPWH) a revolutionary innovative product that gives 24/7 hot water. ASHPWH works with a world wide proven high-performance & power saving technology and is regarded as 4th generation water heater. It is unique because approximately 75 % of total heat energy generated is absorbed from the surrounding ambient air and 25 % from electricity.




Domestic All-In-One Heat Pump

This series of heat pump is designed with external Copper coils heat exchanger  . It brings better corrosion protection and widely applied for family and hotel.


Domestic Monobloc Heat Pump

This series of heat pump adopts high efficiency Tube in Shell heat exchanger and Brass Circulating Pump . It is very easy for installation and maintenance. It is widely applied for domestic Hot Water and heating.


Commercial Heat Pump

This series of heat pump adopts Danfoss constant temperature valve to make the unit safe and more efficient. It can supply hot water for hotel, office building, factory, school, mining, hospital etc.


Swimming Pool Heat Pump

This series of heat pump is designed with Titanium heat exchanger and is fully resistant against corrosion to ensure a long life time. It is widely used in Swimming pools.


High Temperature Heat Pump

This series of heat pump is designed with mixed refrigerant and own patented technology to make sure high temperature(max. 80°C). It is widely used for Industry, Agriculture etc.


Water Source Heat Pump

The Water to Water heat pump applies reverse principle to transfer large amount of free energy from water in rivers, lakes, seas etc. to heat water. It is suitable for cold regions.

Domestic & Commercial Solutions

for reliable and economical hot water 

  • 24 / 7 hot water solution and works in any climate.
  • Equipped with high quality, efficient compressor and evaporator.
  • Tremendous savings and payback – 75 % running savings when compared with Electric Geysers and 60 % savings against diesel fired boilers.
  • Application : Hotels/Resorts/Hostels/Hospitals/Residential/Swimming Pools/Industries…etc.,
  • Models from 90 Litres /Hr to 1795+ Litres /Hr hot water generation.
  • Successfully launched in Bangalore (INDIA) market .
  • Easy and flexible installation and maintenance.
  • It can be hybrid with the existing mode of heating system and thus eliminates the burden of extra works and cost.


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