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VET-2HP - Technical Specifications

ModelVET– 2 HP
Heating capacitykW8 k w
Power Supply220-240V/1N/50Hz
Rated input powerkW1.8 kw
Rated input currentA8.6 A
Max Input Power (KW)2.48 kw
Max Current (A)11.5 A
Refrigerant / chargingR417A/900g
Max Exhaust Working Pressure3.0 Mpa
Max Suction Working Pressure0.8 Mpa
Rated Outlet water temperature55⁰C
Rated hot water production230 l/h
Max outlet water temperature(⁰C)60⁰C
Circulating Water Flow0.67m³/H
Anti-electric shock / WaterproofI / IPX4
Water Pipe sizeDN20
Pressure Drop≤15 kpa
Working Environment Tem. Rage-7⁰C-43⁰C
Packing Sizemm1001*350*618
Net WeightKg43 kgs

VET-3HP - Technical Specifications

Model NumberVET-3HP
Power supply380-415V/3N/50Hz
Rated Heating capacity (KW)12 kw
Rated Input power (KW)2.8 kw
COP (Coefficient of Performance)4.42
Input current (A)4.8
Hot water production (L/h)344
Rated/ Max Output Water Temp. (oC)55/60
Exhaust gas pressure (Mpa)≤3.0
Electric shock protection ratingL
Waterproofing ratingIPX4
Pipeline Water Pressure (Mpa)≤0.8
Circulating Water Pipe
Unit dimensions (LxDxH) mm710*710*825
Net weight(kg)98
Noise level (dB(A))≤56
Advise water flow (m3/h)1.6

VET-5HP - Technical Specifications

Model NumberVET-5HP
Power Supply380-415V/3N/50Hz
Rated Heating Capacity20 KW
Rated Power Input5.2KW
Rated Current9.8A
Max Power Input6.7KW
Max Current12.7A
Refrigerant/ ChargingR417A/2700g
Max Exhaust Pressure3.0Mpa
Max Suction Pressure0.8Mpa
Rated Water outlet Temp55℃
Max Water Outlet Temp60℃
Rated hot water production573
Circulating Water Flow4.1m³/H
Unti-electric / Water-proof levelI /IPX4
Water Pipe SizeDN25
Water pressure drop≤50kpa
Operating Noise≤58dB(A)
Working Ambient Temp-7℃-43℃
Net Weight130Kg
Net Size(mm)750*750*1055
Production DateRefer to barcode

VET-9-CE - Technical Specifications

This series heat pump is designed for supply hot water and floor heating of hotel, office building, factory, school, mining, hospital etc.

Model NameVET-9-CE
Metal cabinetGalvanized steel/Anti-rusting stoving
CompressorCopeland Scroll Compressor
Heat exchange.Co-axial heat exchanger (tube in shell)
Expansion valve deviceSaginomiya/ Sanhua EEV
DefrostingAuto-defrosting (Reversing)
Heating capacityKW38
Input powerKW9.1
COP (Coefficient of Performance)3.9
Input currentA16.9
Max. input powerKW13.8
Max input current (KW)A27
Power supply380V/3PH/50Hz
Hot water productionL/h1089
Rated/ Max Output Water Temp.oC55/60
Exhaust gas pressureMpa≤3.0
Electric shock protection ratingL
Waterproofing ratingIPX4
Pipeline Water PressureMpa≤0.7
Circulating Water Pipe DiameterDN40
Unit dimensions (LxDxH)mm1500x850x1200
Net weightkg285
Noise leveldB(A)≤65
Advise water flowm³/h6

Introducing the Vedal series of hot water heat pumps with Danfoss constant temperature valve, a groundbreaking heating solution specifically engineered to meet the diverse demands of commercial infrastructures such as restaurants, schools, hospitals, and institutions. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge heat pump technology with the precision of Danfoss constant temperature valves, this advanced system delivers unparalleled performance, energy efficiency, and cost savings for commercial applications.

The Vedal series of hot water heat pumps effectively extracts heat from the ambient air and transfers it to the building’s hot water supply, ensuring a consistent and comfortable temperature. This environmentally-friendly process significantly reduces carbon emissions and lowers energy costs compared to traditional gas or oil-fired boilers, making it an ideal choice for businesses and organizations striving for sustainable solutions.

A key advantage of the Vedal series with Danfoss constant temperature valve is its ability to maintain precise temperature control. The advanced Danfoss valve technology ensures consistent temperature levels throughout the entire hot water supply, eliminating temperature fluctuations and delivering optimal comfort. This precision control not only enhances user experience but also improves energy efficiency, as the system adjusts its output according to real-time demand.

The Vedal series of hot water heat pumps is designed for versatile applications, making it suitable for various commercial settings. Whether providing hot water for a busy restaurant’s kitchen, maintaining comfortable water temperature in a school, or ensuring a consistent supply of hot water in a hospital, the Vedal commercial hot water series adapts to the unique requirements of each establishment.

Another standout feature of the Vedal series is its user-friendly control system. The intuitive interface allows for easy customization of temperature settings and scheduling, enabling facility managers to optimize the system’s performance according to their specific needs. This advanced control system also offers energy-saving features that can help reduce consumption during peak demand periods.

In addition to its impressive functionality, the Vedal series of hot water heat pumps boasts a sleek, modern design that complements any commercial infrastructure. Its quiet operation ensures minimal disturbance, making it an ideal choice for noise-sensitive environments such as hospitals and educational institutions.

In summary, the Vedal series of hot water heat pumps with Danfoss constant temperature valve offers a high-performance, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solution for commercial infrastructures seeking a reliable and sustainable hot water supply. Its advantages, including precise temperature control, versatility, intelligent control, and sleek design, make it an appealing choice for today’s eco-conscious businesses and organizations. Embrace the future of commercial hot water management with the Vedal series.

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